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Budget Speech

Hong Kong Performing Arts Market

92. To promote the development of the arts and cultural sector, it is important for us to provide an international platform, which will be conducive to the creation of a complete ecosystem for the industry.  Our arts and cultural sector has gathered considerable strength. In respect of visual arts, Art Basel (Hong Kong) and the Business of Design Week held annually are acclaimed internationally.  In 2020, Hong Kong ranked as the second-largest art market in the world, after only New York.

93. To consolidate Hong Kong's role as an East‑meets‑West centre for international arts and cultural exchange, I will allocate $42 million for organising the first Hong Kong Performing Arts Market within two years.  The large‑scale arts market, which is designed for the performing arts industry, will serve as an integrated platform for showcasing the works of top‑notch performing artists and arts groups from the Mainland, Hong Kong and overseas. This will help bring the remarkable performing arts of the Mainland and Hong Kong onto the world stage through activities such as exhibitions, forums, focus discussions, performances and trading.  The event will also facilitate exchanges between renowned overseas performing artists as well as arts groups and their counterparts in the Mainland and Hong Kong.



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