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Budget Speech

Arts Technology

94. The integration of arts and technology has become a new trend.  Apart from expanding the reach of arts and its form of presentation, such integration has also brought new development opportunities for the relevant sectors, especially the youth.  In 2020, we set aside $100 million to promote the integration of arts and technology by providing support to arts groups and I&T talent.

95. To further facilitate arts technology development, I will allocate $30 million to implement a Arts Technology Funding Pilot Scheme in the next financial year with the aim of encouraging the nine major performing arts groups to apply arts technology to enrich their stage production.  I will also inject an additional amount of $10 million into the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme in order to encourage small and medium-sized arts groups to further explore the use of arts technology under the scheme.

96. In addition, the East Kowloon Cultural Centre is expected to be commissioned in phases next year.  I will earmark $85 million each year to support its development into a major arts technology venue and incubator for the provision of structured training.  I will also set aside $70 million to upgrade the facilities of the performing venues under the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD), with a view to enabling arts groups to further apply technology in their performances, thereby enhancing audience experience.



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