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Budget Speech

Concluding Remarks

204. Mr President, Hong Kong is currently experiencing its hardest time in the fight against the epidemic, and we are facing enormous challenges.  Yet, we do have great strength and staunch support to ride out the storm.  As long as we are united in taking decisive action with firm determination and unwavering confidence, we can surely win the battle against the epidemic and our difficulties will eventually go away.

205. After containing the epidemic, our next task will be to propel economic revival and accelerate medium-to-long-term development.  To this end, we must stand high and stand firm to see clearly the big picture, better understand the long-term development trends, have a good grasp of the economic patterns, concentrate on the focal points and map out long-term plans, while remaining steadfast against fluctuations in the short-term.  Meanwhile, in the face of the profound changes worldwide unseen in a century and the complex external environment, we must plan ahead and get well-prepared to guard against risks, so as to consolidate our development path and achievements.

206. Since Reunification, Hong Kong has weathered many storms with its economic and financial conditions remaining largely stable.  Yet, amid the adversities, many issues have emerged, such as the imbalance in economic development, inadequate opportunities for young people to give full play to their strengths as well as the distribution of economic gains, which have scope for improvement.  Such issues need to be resolved step by step in the future.  However, all these issues, which have implications for our social harmony and stability in the long run, cannot be resolved at one stroke and have to be dealt with through the concerted efforts of our whole community.

207. While every fascinating story is full of twists and turns, every success is spurred by the strength gained from overcoming setbacks.  If there is one common factor, it may be that those who are striving to overcome setbacks and achieve success are all guided by firm determination and faith that they will be able to navigate through troubled waters.  We deeply believe that Hong Kong can steer towards becoming a more equitable, just, caring and inclusive society.

208. This year marks the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the Motherland, a landmark occasion that can usher in the start of a new chapter in Hong Kong's development.  The implementation of the National Security Law and improvements to the electoral system have brought Hong Kong back on a track focusing on development.  We are on course to embark on a new phase of good governance, which we all look forward to.  Our country has always provided the strongest backing for Hong Kong.  During the ups and downs of our development, our Motherland has always given us staunch support, enabling us to write the next line in Hong Kong's success story.

209. In the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, Hong Kong has a unique and irreplaceable role to play.  On the back of our country's sustained and steady development, Hong Kong has a bright and promising future under "One Country, Two Systems".  We share the same dream with our country.  Together and united, we can build a better home with courage, wisdom, confidence and action.

210. Thank you.



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